Spoilers For This Friday’s WWE Friday Night Smackdown Show


Dark Match:

– Alicia Fox defeated Naomi with a roll up. The Total Divas logo was up on the titantron. Pretty good match, crowd was into Naomi, although she botched a couple of spots. There was a big “We Want Ryder” chant.

WWE Smackdown:

– SmackDown opens with MizTV with Randy Orton and Team Hell No. The crowd is nuts for Bryan. Kane and Bryan get into a fight. Bryan is action heelish. Kane gets frustrated and walks away. The Miz asks Bryan if Team Hell No if they broke up, and it sounded like he said “yes,” but it was hard to make out. Teddy Long came out and made Daniel Bryan & Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns for later tonight.

– Chris Jericho vs. Curtis Axel is up next. Paul Heyman cut a promo as Axel made his way to the ring. Heyman is on commentary for this match. At the end of the match, CM Punk’s music hit and the place exploded. He wasn’t there, it was just a distraction, which allowed Axel to rollup Jericho for the win. After the replays aired, Jericho ran back into the ring and attacked Axel, and then hit him with a codebreaker.

– The Wyatt Family promo aired.

– A backstage segment was shown with Tons of Funk saying that the Wyatt Family is weird.

– A backstage segment with Ryback and Kane aired. Kane defended Daniel Bryan and Ryback challenged Kane to a match tonight, which Kane accepted.

– Heath Slater vs. Alberto Del Rio is next. The match never got started as 3MB attacked Del Rio and Ricardo before te bell. They brawled, and Del Rio got Slater to tap out and Ricardo splashed Jinder Mahal and Drew Mcintyre outside the ring. They then celebrated. While they celebrated, Dolph Ziggler appeared on the Titantron and said that he is cleared to wrestle and will be at RAW on Monday.

– It was announced that RAW will return to Long Island on Monday, November 25th. Tickets go on sale June 7th with presale code WWERAW.

– Kane defeated Ryback via disqualification after Ryback powerbombed Kane through a table.

– A promo for the 20th anniversary of RAW aired.

– Damien Sandow is out for a challenge segment with Sheamus again. Sandow says his only intellectual equal is a supercomputer called Deep Blue, which is next to him. There is some funny back and forth with the computer. Sheamus comes out and tries to play the game. Sheamus says he can beat the game in just one move, and Brogue kicks the computer. Sandow attacks Sheamus with the table that the computer was on. Sandow walked to the back while Sheamus was down.

– There was a backstage segment with Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton who said that they don’t like each other. It appears as if Bryan is turning heel. Orton suggested that they work together, and Bryan told him to stay out of his way.

– Another Wyatt Family promo aired.

– The Miz came out for commentary for the next match. It’s Fandango vs. Zack Ryder. The crowd “lost their sh-t” for Ryder. Wade Barrett vs. Miz vs. Fandango is announced for the PPV. Fandango slipped going to the top rope, but went anyway and hit Ryder with the legdrop off the top for the win.

– Backstage segment with Kaitlyn and Natalya. The secret admirer is going to reveal themself on RAW.

– Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton defeated Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns via DQ. The Shield was super over coming out. Bryan accidentally kicked Orton. Ambrose interfered, prompting the DQ. After the match, Orton RKOd Bryan and just stood there like CM Punk did after attacking Rock at RAW 1000. It looks like Orton is actually turning heel.

Dark Match:

After the show went off the air, The Shield attacked Bryan. Kane and Sheamus made the save, which led us to our dark match main event.

– Team Hell No & Sheamus defeated The Shield via DQ. Reigns hit Sheamus with a steel chair to get his team disqualified. The Shield then went to hit the triple powerbomb, but Bryan hit Reigns with a chair. Reigns and Rollins are thrown out of the ring and the faces all hit their finishers on Dean Ambrose. That was the end of the show.


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