Impact Wrestling Spoilers For The 7/11/13 Show


This show was set up as a Joker’s Wild tournament that would set up a gauntlet match for 25 points in the Bound For Glory Series.

1. Samoa Joe and A.J. Styles beat Jeff Hardy and Joseph Park. Joe made Park tap with a rear naked chokehold.

2. Mr. Anderson and Magnus defeated Jay Bradley and Hernandez. So far it was “random drawing 101” with people in feuds within the BFG series teaming up. A nice “asshole” chant broke out. Magnus pinned Hernandez without help from Anderson.

Aces & 8’s were out next through the crowd and had Las Vegas police around them. Bully Ray took the mic. Bully talked about Chris Sabin having the opportunity for his tittle. Bully got the “what” treatment through his promo. Bully talked about voting in the Vice President. Bully said no to the challenge at Louisville. The Main Event Mafia came out. Kurt Angle took the mic and flubbed his lines, but said they would eliminate the Aces & 8’s in Louisville. Sting said the newest member of Mafia is a heavy hitter and they walked off the stage.

3. Bobby Roode and Kazarian defeated Christopher Daniels and Austin Aries. Well, slap me around and call me Sally if I didn’t see this one coming!!! Kazarian and Roode won with a small package. Daniels broke a three count following a very impressive DDT from the ropes. Bad Influence made up afterwards and walked to the back together.

4. Gail Kim defeated Taryn Terrell in a ladder match. Mickie James was seated on the railing next to the fans. There were a lot of your typical bumps for this one. A “this is awesome” chant broke out. Taryn brought another ladder out. They teased a spot with Gail Kim laying on the second ladder but she rolled out. There was a very nice splash from Taryn from the top of the ladder. Finally, Gail won by tying Taryn’s hair to the ropes. The Knockouts had an awesome match with plenty of time to work with. The crowd was into it and they went all out. The best match of the TV taping for either show by far.

5. Magnus won a gauntlet match to earn 25 points in the Bound For Glory Series. Styles and Magnus opened the gauntlet match, which was fought Royal Rumble style until two men were left and then they fought the 25 points. The crowd was not into either of these guys and a boring chant broke out until Kazarian came out next. Samoa Joe was out next. Styles eliminated Kazarian. The Main Event double teamed Styles until Mr. Anderson came out. Roode came out next and the countdown to the final two was on. Anderson eliminated Styles. Joe and Anderson double eliminated each other and the match portion took place. Magnus won with a reverse roll up to a good reaction.

Hulk Hogan came out for the X Division cash-in announcement and received a good reaction. They love Hogan live. He introduced Chris Sabin, who got a nice reaction.
Sabin handed the tittle to Hulk, but Aces & 8’s interrupted. Bully told Sabin that he would never beat him. Sabin told Bully that it was him who pinned Bully in Team 3D’s retirement match. Bully brought out Aces & 8’s. The Main Event Mafia came out.

Sting introduced Rampage Jackson to a standing ovation. The Mafia posed on the stage as the July 11 show came to a close. I don’t know if this will be on TV, but Bully challenged Hulk, who started to threaten Bully. Hulk and Sabin double teamed Bully to close out the night.

Xplosion Taping

1. Chavo Guerrero defeated Kenny King. This match was actually taped before the final Impact segment. An FSW chant broke out. FSW is the local wrestling company out here. The crowd was hot for King, who was featured in the main event for the crowd. However, Chavo won with a frogsplash.


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