Spoilers For The 1/2/14 Impact Wrestling Show


Impact Wrestling Airing on January 2, 2014:

* Chris Sabin w/Velvet Sky defeated Austin Aries to win the X-Division Championship. Velvet got on the apron and distracted the ref (hesitantly at that) and Sabin low blowed Aries and put him in a small package to win the match and the belt.

Borash interviewed Sabin after. Sabin said he couldn’t have done this without one person: himself and thanks himself and goes back up the ramp with Velvet.

Ethan Carter III came out and grabbed a mic. He said how he has been out against the toughest most sophisticated competition on the planet by his Aunt D. He mentioned how he beat Sting and Hardy last week and random Hardy leaving. He said he put out a tweet earlier challenging Jeff Hardy and asked Christy to introduce him. His music played but he did not come out. EC3 said since he isn’t here they should ring the bell and count him out and be victorious. He started counting and got to 9 before Sting’s music hit. The two exchanged words. Sting challenged him to not be Dixie’s lapdog and prove he is a man. EC3 bailed out of the ring. Sting said he just proved him right. EC said he will fight him one-on-one…in two weeks at Genesis and left.

* Joseph Park defeated Bully Ray via DQ. Ray stood in the corner the whole time. Park walked up close and Ray kicked him low. Ray started spraying lighter fluid on him. Be pulled out a lighter. Mr. Anderson came out for the save. Ray sprayed Anderson with it. He then held up the lighter. Anderson paused. Ray eventually left the ring as refs attended to Park.

* Gail Kim and Lei’d Tapa. Gail said it is a brand new year which makes it a brand new open challenge. Gail said she hoped for new competition after a dominant year. Madison Rayne answered.

* Madison Rayne defeated Gail Kim w/Lei’d Tapa via roll up.

* Kurt Angle came to the ring and took a mic. He said 2013 was the worst year of his career between Aces & 8′s and his personal issues. He declined the Hall Of Fame to prove to the fans that he can earn it back again as a world class athlete. People call him a cyborg but in 2013 he was not that. He wants to explain his fans for 2014. Bobby Roode’s music hits. Roode asks if we are about to witness what he thinks we are about to witness. He asks if he came out to say that he was going to walk away just like Jeff Hardy last week. He asks if he has realized that he just doesn’t have what it takes anymore.

He says if he is do him a favor and stand here and tell him that the It Factor is better than him. Angle says he is not leaving. He said he is going to kick ass in 2014. He challenges Roode to one more match. Roode asks if he is crazy and says no. Roode says he has nothing to prove to the fans or Angle. He has proven he is better already. He has proven that Angle is not HOF worthy. He goes to leave then changes his mind and says maybe he will accept “when” he beats Angle again he leaves and never accepts a HOF induction at TNA. Angle says the match will take place at Genesis. He says he also has a stipulation: A Steel Cage Match. Roode says he is on. They start to brawl. Refs and Rockstar Spud come to break it up. Angle shoves Spud over. Spud says they will not ruin Dixie’s night. He says both of ten can find a tag partner and they will have a tag match tonight.

Samuel Shaw comes out after Christy Hemme introduces him or a match. He opens the ropes and makes go air down. He put on leather gloves before his match. His gear was a long sleeve grey shirt, and white pants.

* Samuel Shaw squashed Norv Fernum and Norv passed out in a standing side choke.

Backstage they showed Kurt Angle asking Gunner to be his partner. James Storm was walking up and was not thrilled over it and said things were about to get interesting.

As Gunner made his way to the ring JB asked him what if Roode selected Storm as his partner. Gunner said things were about to get interesting.

* In a tag team match, Bobby Roode and James Storm defeated Kurt Angle and Gunner. Gunner had Roode in the Gun Rack until Storm super kicked him. Roode then hit his Death Valley Driver for the win. Angle chased Roode out. Storm placed the briefcase on Gunner.

The coronation of Magnus is up now. They had a couple plants, British Flags, a wreath, and a throne in the ring. EC3 and Rockstar Spud came to the ring first. Spud said it is with great honor that he serves as the spokesman for the entire Carter kingdom. He says tonight history will be made. He says that tonight is more important than the wedding of William the Duke of Cambridge with Catherine. He says that his opportunity to be around Dixie Csrter is something that everyone in the UK only dreams about. He says Dixieland is a place where dreams always come true. He said it isn’t just about Dixie. It is about a man who will change the face of professional wrestling. He would like to present the master of ceremonies, EC3. He takes the mic and says all the power lies with the 1%.

He says he is undefeated and last week he beat Sting cleanly in the middle of the ring. He said what is most important is he is a Carter and the world needs us. The true man of the hour is Magnus. He did more than anything a king could ever do. He became the champion and now rules the world. He said behind every king is a woman. This woman is out queen and his Aunt D. Dixie’s music hits and she comes out. She thanks them for that reception. She says she wants to tell a story. She spoke about a magazine in the UK that had an article on AJ, she turned the page and it had a 6 page article on Magnus that took her breath away. She said he has it all. She asks everyone to stand up and welcome Magnus. He came to the ring in a suit with the title. He sits in the throne with the mic. He says it is time for everyone to listen to him. He thanks EC3 and Spud for their words. Before we get on with his coronation, he has one more person to thank: Dixie Carter. He says she is truly the wind beneath his “massive wings.”

As he stands here the champion, he has mixed emotions. He is honored and humbled. He can’t help but feel that it would probably be Roode, Angle, or Jeff Hardy standing as champion but it is not. It’s him. Everyone doubted him. When people ask him “why did you turn your backs on the fans” the fans turned on him. He said from here on out he will never take a backseat to anyone in this business. He intends to be the World Heavyweight Champion for a very long time. Gunner’s music hits and he gets in the ring with his briefcase. He says tonight his history begins. He says 13 days is not much of a reign. He is pissed off from that super kick and wants to cash in and asks for the bell to be rung. Dixie says no. Gunner lays out Spud and EC3. He then goes after Magnus but the numbers game overwhelms him. Spud and EC3 hold Gunner for Magnus to hit him with the belt.

AJ Styles enters through the crowd with his TNA title. He lays out EC3 and Spud and stares down Magnus. Both pose with their belts. Dixie tells Magnus to get out. AJ takes a mic. He says she wants her property, here it is with him. He says tell her lawyers to stop chasing him all over the world because here he is to be here face to face. He asks if she thinks he will just hand it over. He says if she thinks so she is dumber than she looks. AJ says he don’t come here because he wanted to or made him. He said he screwed these people over when he made their champion a farce. He needed to get back here. He calls Magnus a farce. He doesn’t care if Magnus wears the belt around his shoulder or waist. He is not a champion until he beats “the” world heavyweight champion. Magnus asks if he is challenging him. AJ says he didn’t come out here to play “tickle butt.” He said two belts but there can only be one TNA World Heavyweight Champion. He asks if Magnus is going to listen to this “money mark.”

He said knows Magnus knows in his heart that if he is champion he will have to accept. AJ says the people will doubt he was ever champion anyway. He says if he doesn’t accept, he is going to doubt himself as a world heavyweight champion. AJ says the deal is on the table but if he walks out those doors the offer comes with him. Dixie tells Magnus no. Magnus says that AJ is not better than him, not anymore and never again he says he will prove it 1 on 1 two belts. Dixie says that won’t happen. Magnus says if it doesn’t happen he is done too. He said nobody is going to doubt him or his title reign ever again. Dixie asks if she is going to risk it. She brings up AJ says he doesn’t even have a contract. Magnus says she will give him a one night only contract. Winner takes it all. Dixie says if he loses she will have nothing. Magnus says he is feeling lucky on this gamble. Magnus asks AJ what he thinks. He said yes. The two of them posed and stared each other down from the ramp and the ring.


* Zema Ion defeated Ultimate Tiger (Extreme Tiger from AAA) via roll up with the tights.

* Samoa Joe defeated Kazarian via Muscle Buster.


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