Spoilers For The 12/26/13 Impact Wrestling Show


Impact Wrestling (Airing on December 26, 2013):

* Brooke Tessmacher came out with new music and grabbed a mic. She said it has been weeks she has seen or talked to Bully Ray. She said she refuses to take blame for this. She asks Bully Ray to come out I tell the world the truth. He comes to the ring. Brooke holds his hand and says we can fix this. She says it is neither of their fault’s. Ray pulls his hand away. She says he is done being his dog. He was the one who told her to throw the hammer. If you see this published elsewhere it was stolen from WrestlingNewsWorld.com without permission. She said he was supposed to be his ticket to the spotlight. She says that he is that miserable kid in high school who has no friends. She yells at him to look at her. She says he is not afraid of him. She calls him an old fat man. She goes to leave and Ray grabs her arm. He says she is done when she is done with her. He doesn’t blame her for him losing the belt or the Aces & 8′s. He says just look at her, she is not much in the brains department. He kept her around because he has certain uses for her and she wasn’t good at those uses. He said sometimes he would close his eyes and pretend she was Brooke #1. He could piledrive her on her ugly face like he did Anderson but he won’t do that. He says he just asks her to let everyone know that they need to be on watch and it is going to be a lot worse. He backs her up to the ropes and he says he is done with her. “Leave.”

* In a Monster’s Ball Match, Joseph Park defeated Bad Influence. Eric Young got involved at one point and tried to make him bleed. Kazarian inadvertently split him open when he went to hit EY with a kendo stick and EY ducked. Joe Park hit a Black Hole Slam on Daniels for the pin. If you see this published elsewhere it was stolen from WrestlingNewsWorld.com without permission. Post match Joe Park raised Janice up and EY was happy. Joe Park then awoke from his trance and EY walked him to the back.

* Gail Kim & Lei’d Tapa came out for a promo and asked Tapa how did Madison pin her. She said it was a fluke. She said two weeks ago ODB stuck her nose into her business. She said when she sticks her nose into her business it becomes Tapa’s business and tells her to come out to learn a valuable lesson.

* Lei’d Tapa defeated ODB. Gail got involved while the ref was distracted. Tapa hit her finisher on ODB and won.

* Rockstar Spud came out and took a mic. He introduced Dixie Carter. She said it has been a great 7 days. Last week yet crowned the greatest world heavyweight champion ever. She said she knows everyone looks up to Magnus but more importantly every wrestler looks up to Magnus. She says Magnus is the top man in Dixieland. She says we have something special planned next week. Jeff Hardy’s music hits and he comes out. Dixie says she is trying to make an announcement and calls him a loser. Hardy said he doesn’t care and says that the creatures saw what Magnus became last week. Rockstar Spud said this is not on the schedule. He says Dixie is the queen and the owner of the company. He said as the chief of staff maybe he will give him time to talk next week. Hardy chokes him and said that it will only take a minute. EC3 came out and knocked Hardy out of the ring. Dixie said she wanted to make an announcement.

Sting came out and cleared the ring. Dixie stayed in the ring. He said he is sick and tired of those punks. He says he has an announcement until he gets what he wants, and also what the fans want, and that is for him to kick the crap out of EC3. He then brings up that Spud wanted to be a wrestler and mentions making a tag match. She said this is her time and she doesn’t care what he wants. Sting says she should care what they want and that’s for the tag match to happen. Dixie says it won’t happen. She said that she wouldn’t mind seeing those two get shut up and makes the match official. Dixie’s music played and she yelled for it to get cut off so she could make her announcement and it wouldn’t.

She said she wanted to make an announcement and before she was interrupted but Gunner’s music hits who comes out with the #1 briefcase (I guess they did feast or fired backstage.) he says what he has to say is just a bit more important. He says he wants to cash in his briefcase and get his world title shot. Dixie denies it. She said Magnus is across the the pond celebrating and he will have to take a raincheck. Gunner says do him a favor. Whether it is this week or next week he will cash it in. Dixie shoos him off. She tries to talk again until James Storm comes out. He says that Gunner owes him. Gunner says no. Storm brought up Gunner’s involvement with his Roode match at Turning Point. Gunner says as a friend he did that for him for his future. Storm said he may have beaten up in that bar fight. He questions how Roode knew he was there in the place. Storm said he wants a match with him right here right now for that briefcase. Dixie says they will fight now for this world title briefcase and that is what Gunner gets for interrupting her. Now she is no longer ready to tell everyone what she wanted to tell her until later tonight.

* James Storm and Gunner went to a double countout.

Before the main event tag, Dixie came on the screen and said next week we would have the coronation of Magnus. She also said this would be a handicap match and said the tag team champions Bromans will be in it.

* In a handicap match EC3, Spud, and the Bromans w/Zema Ion defeated Sting and Jeff Hardy via roll up with the tights by EC3 on Sting.

* Post match Sting and Hardy stayed in the ring and Hardy took a mic. He said he is sorry for last week and tonight. Hardy said he has been asked before why he wanted to get into the business and said it was because of Sting. He said without him there never would have been a Jeff Hardy. He said Dixie has driven him crazy it’s taken the heart out of him and he needs his heart. He destroyed himself last week and he didn’t win. He said Dixie does not own him. Hardy said he is sick of the politics. Sting stopped him to not tell him what he thinks he is going to say. Hardy said he wants to stay and fight but the fight is all gone. He said this was his last match in TNA. He said he will leave and not return until the sun Hines on this dark kingdom. He hugs Sting and leaves.


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