When Is Daniel Bryan Expected Back In The WWE Ring?


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Prior to Daniel Bryan’s neck operation last Thursday, WWE was under the impression that he may be able to return to the ring in time to work the Money In The Bank pay-per-view on June 29th. The latest word, however, suggests that WWE may not have an active Daniel Bryan by that point, with the company targeting a potential Battleground in-ring return for him, which would be on July 20th. The SummerSlam pay-per-view in August is viewed as a worst-case scenario for Bryan’s return.

As far as the Money In The Bank PPV is concerned, the WWE creative team has been working on a new card for the show as a contingency plan in case Bryan is not back in the ring by then.

Many past WWE Superstars and wrestling legends have commented recently that Bryan should tone down his in-ring style, as there is actually a lot of concern internally that this recent neck surgery could be the beginning of some serious, long-term problems for Bryan.

Finally, the moves in particular that many feel Bryan should remove from his arsenal include his flying headbutt, missile dropkick and topes.


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