Major Backstage Update On The Status Of Daniel Bryan


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Daniel Bryan is currently still on the card for WWE SummerSlam, though it is not considered to be a sure thing. WWE is not currently expecting Bryan to be able to make it back for Battleground on July 20th and the belief is that he will be back either for SummerSlam in August or for Night of Champions in September.

Because of Bryan being out for as long as he will be, it is “pretty much a sure thing” that Lesnar will not face Bryan at SummerSlam. The plan was (and still is) to have Brock Lesnar come back with the desire to be WWE World Heavyweight champion because it will put the title over. That means that the SummerSlam match will be Lesnar vs. whoever wins the title at Money in the Bank unless Bryan can somehow come back at Battleground and is booked to beat the MITB winner for the belt. Obviously, this would suggest that a babyface will go over in the Money in the Bank match, although Cesaro could also be an option if they wish to turn him against Lesnar this early.

It is believed that Bryan will work a stipulation match with Kane upon his return, as from a story line standpoint, he’s the guy who put Bryan on the shelf.

WWE is currently advertising Bryan for shows in mid-August. He’s not officially included in the advertising for SummerSlam, but is included in advertisements for the live event in San Jose, California on August 16th, which is the event that takes place the night before SummerSlam. He’s also booked to appear on one of the house show tours the weekend following SummerSlam on the West Coast, and television tapings after SummerSlam.


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