Spoilers For The 7/17/14 Impact Wrestling Show


TNA Impact Wrestling spoilers from tonight’s tapings in New York City:

* There was a pre-show promo from Taz in the ring to get the crowd hype. Kurt Angle also cut a pre-show promo from the balcony.

* Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray kick off the tapings with a promo for the NYC fans. Dreamer and Bully vs. Ethan Carter III and Rhino is the opening match. Lots of heat for EC3 and Rhino. Dreamer and Bully got the win.

* A Gauntlet Match for the X Division Title starts with Austin Aries and Eddie Edwards. 8 men end up in the match – Aries, Edwards, Manik, Davey Richards, Tigre Uno, DJ Zema Ion, Sanada and Crazzy Steve. Aries retains his title.

* MVP and Kenny King come out and cut a promo before facing Eric Young and Bobby Roode. MVP was on crutches but in his wrestling gear and didn’t really wrestle, just hobbled around the ring. Roode and Young win by DQ when MVP uses one of his crutches.

* Brittany vs. Madison Rayne is next. Fans chanted “this match sucks” before it even began. Madison got the win.

* Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Lashley for the World Heavyweight Title is next. At one point, Hardy did a swanton onto the steel steps outside of the ring. The match barely went 10 minutes and Lashley retained. The fans were very upset at Lashley winning and gave him a lot of heat.


2 thoughts on “Spoilers For The 7/17/14 Impact Wrestling Show

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