WWE Friday Night Smackdown Spoilers For This Weeks Show


WWE SmackDown tapings in Laredo, Texas.

* There were a lot of recap videos.

* Dean Ambrose kicks off SmackDown with an in-ring promo. Seth Rollins interrupts from the stage. Ambrose announces a Lumberjack Match for SummerSlam. Rollins picks Ambrose’s opponent for tonight and it’s Randy Orton.

* There was a backstage promo with Ziggler and Rollins where they both insulted each other until Rollins challenged Ziggler to a match.

* Seth Rollins defeated Dolph Ziggler. Rollins dominated the match.

* Big Show and Mark Henry defeated Ryback and Curtis Axel.

* Sin Cara defeated Damien Sandow.

* Paige defeated Natalya.

* There was a promo with Chris Jericho talking about Bray Wyatt and SummerSlam.

* Rusev defeated Big E via submission.

* They cut to a screenshot again for a Stephanie McMahon promo and it said “Up Next,” but it just went straight to the Ambrose vs Orton match to close the show. The Stephanie McMahon promo never happened.

* Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton ended in a No Contest when Seth Rollins interfered and a brawl broke out. This was a lengthy match that went close to 30 minutes.

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