WWE Friday Night Smackdown Spoilers For This Weeks Show


Dark Matches:

– Adam Rose beat Tyson Kidd in 3:00. No Natalya with Kidd for the opener. Rose won a basic match with the Party Foul, setting off a celebration with the Rose Buds and Bunny.

– Kofi Kingston beat Curtis Axel in 7:00. Basic deal with Kofi on the early offense, Axel in control and mockery of the Boom Clap, high-flying response from Kofi to wow the crowd, missed Trouble in Paradise, and eventual finisher for the win.

WWE Smackdown:

– Big Show came out first asking the crowd to send a message to Daniel Bryan, who he said had neck surgery in May and might need a second elbow surgery. Big “Yes!” chants. The crowd still remembers. Three renditions and Show signed off. Apparently that was not for TV.

– The Divas Halloween Costume #1 Contender Battle Royal is next. Brie Bella is not in the match as she was advertised to be. The final four were Nikki, Paige, Alicia, and Natalya. Fox cut Natalya, then Fox speared herself and Paige out of the ring, leaving Nikki alone as the winner. Nikki had a staredown with A.J. at ringside. Pop for Nikki confronting the champ; a case of the crowd getting behind a winner and not investing in the flimsy writing.

– Later tonight: Dean Ambrose vs. Cesaro in a Trick or Street Fight. Plus, Miz TV with Mark Henry.

– Seth Rollins, Kane, Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble come out for a promo.

– Kane and Seth Rollins came out to talk about the Ambrose vs. Cesaro main event. First, a review of Randy Orton RKO’ing Rollins on Raw. Kane spoke first about Halloween and Survivor Series, then Rollins started talking, drawing big boos. They finally have a wrestling heel who gets heavily booed as soon as he talks. Kane eventually called out Dolph Ziggler, representing Team Cena.
– Kane beat IC champion Dolph Ziggler in 11:00 in a non-title match. Super Kane kicked out of the Zig-Zag. The crowd was hot for nearfalls that followed, then Kane surprised Dolph with a chokeslam for a clean pin.

Afterward, Kane chokeslammed Dolph again, then Rollins, Joey Mercury, and Jamie Noble put the boots to him. Kane informed Dolph that he has another match and it’s against Seth Rollins right now.

– Seth Rollins beat Dolph Ziggler in 20 seconds. Rollins hit the Curb Stomp on a prone Dolph for the win. High cost to stand up to The Authority. And Dolph loses twice to make up for a rash of recent wins. After The Authority left, Dolph got sympathetic applause on the way out.

– Later Tonight: Bray Wyatt speaks.

– Heath Slater, dressed as a scarecrow, came out to address John Cena giving him the AA at the end of Raw. But he was interrupted by Ryback.

Ryback squashed Slater in 1:00. Ryback comically tore apart Slater’s costume leading to the Meathook Clothesline and Shellshock for the win.

– Miz TV with Damien Sandow and The Miz is next. There are a lot of pumpkins and Halloween decorations set up. Mark Henry made up for this being the second Miz TV segment of the night with a fantastic heel promo explaining the turn on Big Show. As expected, Henry grew tired of Show taking the spotlight from him. Show came out to respond. Henry shoved Miz and Sandow in the way, but Show ran past them and went after Henry. Big brawl on the outside. Show got the advantage, but Henry posted him, then speared him through the gimmicked barricade. Henry stood tall on the way out while Show recovered.

– Los Matadores (w/El Torito) beat WWE tag champs Goldust & Stardust in a non-title match. Curiously, this was not announced as a Halloween costume contest. Apparently it was implied. The crowd was quiet for this one with the champs dominating and no reason to invest in Los Matadores. So, Torito got on the apron for the sole purpose of Cody bumping him to the ground. Torito sold as if he were KO’ed to get a reaction. Cody and Torito then did a bit on the outside, allowing un Matador to surprise Goldust with a pin back in the ring.

– Rusev (w/Lana) squashed Khali in 1:00. Khali can barely move in the ring. Rusev did the movement selling one move before hitting a sidekick into The Accolade for the tap out.

Afterward, Lana tried a promo over loud boos and “USA” chants. No dice, so Rusev took the mic to brag about being all Americans. Next, he will crush the American champion, Sheamus. He vowed to present the U.S. Title to Vladimir Putin. Sheamus was to be heard from, as he came out for a response. Sheamus said he takes personal pride in representing everything the title stands for. He charged the ring for a fight, but Rusev ducked out. Sheamus stood tall in the ring.

– After a break, Bray Wyatt was introduced to the ring for a message, which he delivered from a rocking chair in the middle of the ring in a darkened arena. Bray cut a promo on people dressing up for Halloween to escape their miserable lives. But, Dean Ambrose is different because he wears crazy every day of the week. He said Dean is different and they love it. Bray said Dean is like him – a monster. And, at Hell in a Cell, he had Seth Rollins in his hands. It was powerful and thrilling. Because in that moment, you are immortal and you can take it all away. Bray didn’t want Dean to have it all taken away, though. Or something like that. He added a note that said “she” still cries for you. Bray knelt down, then disappeared. End scene. A bit of a scattered puzzle thus far.

– Dean Ambrose beat Cesaro in 10:00 in a Trick or Street Fight. Ambrose brought a Kendo Stick with him to the ring. Cesaro stole it and went for some fake-looking stick shots that got no reaction. Not his strength in the ring. Cesaro then set up a bunch of pumpkins for a suplex, but Dean blocked. Moments later, Dean back dropped Cesaro into the pumpkins for a pop. On the outside, Cesaro suplexed Dean and a skeleton to laughs. But, Dean responded by coming off the top rising a witch’s broom for an elbow splash through Cesaro and a trick or treat candy table. Back in the ring, Dean stuffed Cesaro’s head in a pumpkin for Dirty Deeds to get the win. Dean stood tall as the winner and Cesaro stumbled around as the expendable butt of the joke to close Smackdown.

Dark Match:

After the match, the production crew cleared the ring of Halloween scraps. Dean then took the mic and said he’s having a great time in Houston and he’s not leaving Texas until he gets his hands on that rotten Seth Rollins. Rollins marched down to the ring and a fight broke out with Ambrose. Noble and Mercury tried to stop a match, but the bell sounded. Of note, Noble and Mercury were not wearing their suit jackets, making their production/agent earpieces visible. Earlier in the show, Mercury was talking into his wrist mic, like a Secret Service agent, during the Kane vs. Ziggler match.

Dean Ambrose beat Seth Rollins via DQ in 5:00. After some back and forth, the agents interfered for a DQ. Dean fought them off, then ended the night with Dirty Deeds on Seth to get a measure of revenge to close things out. Dean posed in the ring, then took a victory lap to close the event. Ring announcer Eden Stiles signed off with a reminder for the January 18 return date.


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