WWE Friday Night Smackdown Spoilers For Tomorrow Nights Show


– Stardust and Goldust retained the WWE Tag Team Titles over The Usos in a steel cage match, which was said to be a very good match. Stardust pinned one of The Usos.

– Kane was out for a promo. He said what they decided to do to Orton was the toughest decision The Authority had to make. He said there were questions about Orton’s loyalties and they made an example of him. He said the battle lines have been drawn and warned superstars to choose their side wisely. Kane then said Ziggler thinks he can survive The Authority, so we’ll see if Ziggler can survive Kane later tonight. He said since the cage is hanging overhead, they might as well make it a cage match. Kane was about to introduce someone to fill Orton’s spot when Cesaro’s music hit. He said if The Authority is looking for someone to swing Cena like a ragdoll, Cesaro is their man. Kane said it wasn’t who he had in mind, but if Cesaro can beat the guy then he’ll get the spot. Cue The Big Guy.

– This one was pretty much headlock central. There was an impressive feat of strength or two going into the Shellshock finish, but not much else. Kane entered the ring after the match, but Ryback didn’t give him a thought before he left. They were clearly setting up The Authority trying to court the guy who’s going to end up on Team Cena.

– R-Truth beat Adam Rose. This one featured more pelvic thrusting than anything else. The Bunny actually distracted Rose leading to the Truth rollup win. Post-match, Rose shoved The Bunny down before Rose and the Rosebuds danced away leaving The Bunny behind.

– Christian returned to host the Peep Show. He teased “one more match” but instead said “one more… Peep Show.” He hyped that he’d be appearing on the November 28 episode of Haven alongside Edge. He asked for crowd responses to Team Authority and Team Cena, and hyped that things would get chaotic… Chaotic like his second episode of Haven, which would run in early 2015.

Dean Ambrose came out before a video package recapped the Hell in a Cell match and the Wyatt interference finish. Christian said apparently he doesn’t like waiting for an intro. He said that when Ambrose was a part of the Shield, he made a lot of enemies, including Christian. Christian asked what it was like to be Ambrose. Ambrose said it was like a bowl of cherries. Okay.

Ambrose said he has nothing that Bray Wyatt wants, so Wyatt must just like playing mind games. He said unlike most people who can’t take the mind games, Ambrose’s mind is a dangerous place to be. He said he loves to fight and he’s not afraid to go down any dark alley with Bray Wyatt. Cue Wyatt’s entrance.

Wyatt sat in his chair and cut a promo from the stage. He said Ambrose has nothing to lose. He said Ambrose had safety and security with The Shield, but that was ripped away. Christian seems to have disappeared. Little-known fact, he scares easily and just runs away. Wyatt offered for Ambrose to take his hand and offered him salvation. He said that he tried with Daniel Bryan, and now Bryan is nowhere to be found. He said Ambrose’s father turned his back on him and asked if he still gets the postcards from prison.

Ambrose left the ring and went after Wyatt, but the lights cut out. When they came back, Wyatt was standing behind Ambrose. He warned Ambrose to run before the lights cut out again and he was gone. Wyatt appeared on the screen and cut a brief promo before disappearing.

Ambrose grabbed a mic and went on a tear about being sick of this hocus-pocus crap. He said he’s not leaving Albany until he gets a fight with Wyatt. Wyatt walked back out and hit the ring. They brawled before Ambrose hit his rebound lariat. Ambrose left the ring to fill it with chairs, allowing Wyatt to slip out and head back up the ramp. I wouldn’t be surprised if the segment goes off-air with Wyatt’s promo on the big screen and the brawl was just for us, but I’m not positive.

– AJ Lee cut a promo backstage when Brie Bella approached her. Brie apologized, but before she could say anything else AJ said she understood the circumstances. Then, Nikki Bella attacked AJ from behind. The segment closed with Nikki complaining that Brie should’ve acted more sincere…

– A clip aired with Tyson Kidd backstage flirting with Summer Rae and Layla. Natalya approached and asked why Kidd wasn’t responding to her texts. Kidd said he didn’t have his phone with him (in his heelish way), before he begrudging left with Nattie…

– Summer Rae pinned Natalya. Tyson Kidd was on commentary before the commentators said something he clearly didn’t like. He got up and rooted for Nattie, distracting her and allowing Summer to get the rollup win. Kidd and Nattie continued teasing their complex dynamic in the ring and up the ramp.

– Dolph Ziggler cut a promo backstage. He said he made his intentions clear Monday – he wants The Authority out. He said if that means facing Kane in a cage, it’s what he’s going to do. Triple H approached him and reminded Ziggler that neither Orton nor Cena were there to save him tonight. He said Ziggler should save himself. He reminded everyone of what happened to Orton on Raw, and questioned what would happen to Ziggler…

– Michael Cole welcomed two members of the Soldier Socks foundation and a member of the military who was injured in Afghanistan and lost the use of his legs. The soldier told his story about running over an IED and being the worst injured of anyone in the vehicle, which he said was a blessing in itself. The whole time, he was being strapped into this bionic brace mechanism that the foundation developed. With the aid of this device, he was able to stand up and walk across the stage. The crowd was receptive and chanted “USA” and “Lets go, Dan” and “Thank you, Dan!” Not sure if any of this will make air, but it was pretty special.

– Dolph Ziggler beat Kane in a cage match. This one started slow, but the crowd picked up after the guys traded finishers for false finishes and they came unglued for the end of the match. Ziggler was hung up on the top of the open cage door before slamming it into Kane and dropping to the floor for the win to close the show…


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