Chris Jericho In Talks With WWE For New Deal


Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

We first reported that Chris Jericho will be returning to WWE in January before The Royal Rumble. We also noted that Jericho is being advertised for the January 17th WWE live event in Las Vegas, leading to speculation that he may be in the 2015 Royal Rumble match. Jericho will reportedly be appearing on other WWE live events beginning in January and the two sides are working on a deal right now.

The Wrestling Observer reports that WWE officials seem confident in a deal being reached as they’ve told WWE’s marketing department that Jericho is to work a full live event schedule during January and February.

The idea right now is that Jericho will be the “reverse Brock Lesnar” in the sense that he only works live events and will not work TV or pay-per-view events during those two months. Plans can always change as Jericho didn’t want to appear on TV last week when he worked the UK tour because he didn’t want to come back and have his return not be a big deal. This may be the same reason why Jericho doesn’t want to work TV or pay-per-view events on this next return that’s being negotiated.

Jericho is not currently scheduled for WrestleMania 31, but would be able to appear as Fozzy’s European tour wraps on March 21st.

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