Impact Wrestling Spoilers For The Month Of July 2015


Everything written below was written in the exact order that it was taped.

Impact Wrestling: July 8th, 2015/July 15th, 2015

Match 1) Mr. Anderson defeated Bram via DQ when he used a chair. He chased Earl Hebner away. He rolled Anderson on the ramp and mocked Anderson’s phrase before hitting him with the mic and laughed at him.

Match 2) In a Four Way Match for the TNA X-Division Championship, Tigre Uno retained over Grado, Rockstar Spud, and DJ Z when he hit a Phoenix Splash on Grado that did not come anywhere close to hitting.

After the match, the X was thrown up as medics attended to Tigre. Looked like it may have been his elbow and he was able to walk out on his own.

Match 3) In a Street Fight, Jessie Godderz defeated Robbie E. Godderz came to the ring with a fur lined cost. Robbie E had a new theme song.
– Godderz hit a powerbomb on two bridged chairs on Robbie for a nearfall.
– Godderz locked in a Boston Crab on Robbie while sitting in a chair and Robbie passed out.

Before the next match, Madison cut a promo to Velvet’s face on how Velvet belongs in the crowd. Velvet attacked her while she was talking.

Match 4) Velvet Sky defeated Madison Rayne via Stunner.

EC3 came to the ring suited up with Tyrus. He asked if we have his attention now. He said he is unpinned unsubmitted undefeated unbeatable and the new world heavyweight champion. He said tonight there will be no celebrations and calls himself the greatest wrestler alive. Tonight he has been given a gift by Dixie, who is making her return tonight. Dixie made him in charge for the night. The crowd chanted “boring” and EC3 asked how it could be boring when he is going to put on a show for the wrestling fans. He has booked one sweet card. He said in the main event, he will defend the title not once not twice but three times. Matt Hardy’s music hit and he comes to the ramp. Matt said he did him a favor when he softened up Angle. He did it not because they were friends as he is not a fan of EC3. He took Angle to the limit to prove he belongs in the title picture. Matt said he may start his own campaign “Matt for Champ” and asks for a title shot. EC3 says that he actually defeated Angle while Matt did not. EC3 regretfully declined Matt’s request. Matt said he is still about to get his ass kicked by him. Tyrus stood between them. EC3 told him to not make threats to the guy who holds his career in his hands and reminds him of how he just became a new daddy. He said he booked Matt in a tag match tonight but unfortunately Jeff isn’t here so he may go 2-v-1. Their opponents are still mad about last week’s events. Cue The Dirty Heels who come to the ring and attack Matt.

Match 5) In a handicap match, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode defeated Matt Hardy when Aries pinned Matt with Roode holding Matt’s feet down.
– During the match, EC3 was on commentary with Tyrus standing behind him. Tyrus at one point made Pope move and took his chair.

The Rising came to the ring, Eli Drake on crutches. Drew took a mic and said he wishes they were out here under more positive circumstances but as of right now The Rising is finished. They came together for a want to stand up for the injustice in professional wrestling. Drew says every time he is on camera he may sound like a broken record but he doesn’t care because he loves wrestling so much. He knows the fans feel the same based on #standup being talked about by the fans and he thanks them. He said it has been an honor to fight by Micah and Eli’s sides. Micah thanks Drew for believing in the two of them. If not for Drew, none of this would have happened. Eli takes a mic and said he is a little angry and is pissed off. Eli said this isn’t for him, he doesn’t let life wash over him. He says Drew chose them for their fight. Eli apologizes saying they all deserve better than this. Eli says with this Drew, he brought Eli through the door and someday he will show Drew what it meant to him. Drew said the BDC’s time is coming and talks about how wrestling will be around for a long while and talks about how the future is bright. Drew says the night is darkest before the dawn and he will continue this fight. He says #standup will continue and this is only the beginning and thanks the fans. EC3 takes a mic at the booth and fakes crying. EC3 says that was something beautiful…it’s such a shame that he booked a 3v3 six man tag and Drew has no partners. EC3 says this ship has sunk but on the bright side, the old adage is that when a faction breaks up they have to go 1v3 in a handicap match and queues his opponents: Abyss, Manik, and Khoya.

Match 6) In a 3-on-1 handicap match, Drew Galloway defeated Abyss, Manik, and Khoya with a running boot to Manik.
– Khoya hit the Sky High on Drew for a pin attempt but Abyss stopped him from getting the win.

Match 7) For the TNA Tag Team Championship, The Wolves retained over The BDC (Kenny King and MVP) w/Hernandez via DQ when Hernandez got involved. The BDC attacked the Wolves and stood tall post match.

Match 8) For the TNA Knockout’s Championship, Brooke defeated Taryn Terrell w/Jade and Marti Bell to win the championship.
– During the match, the lights went out and Gail Kim showed up at the ramp and took out Jade and Marti. The lights went off again and Gail disappeared.
– Brooke hit Taryn Terrell with an X-Factor for the win. She celebrated.

Match 9) In a Chain Match, Eric Young defeated Rockstar Spud. EY used the ref to block Spud’s offense and hit the Piledriver on Spud for the win.
– I assume this match was put together backstage while EC3 was in charge as intended punishment for Spud.

Before the next match, EC3 took a mic with Tyrus also with him. He asked if the fans are ready to see history. “Where were you when EC3 defended his title three times?” He said a good friend said time is like a circle and it is as endless as it is round. He said he never forgot where he started. He introduces Norv Fernum.

Match 10) Ethan Carter Gauntlet Match.
– EC3 defeated Norv Fernum to retain via One Percenter in less than a minute.
After, EC3 talked about it being Shark Week on Discovery and whether he could beat a man from the dead after just beating a man from the land. He introduces Shark Boy. Tyrus told him he will need a bigger boat. EC3 asked if he thinks he has a chance.
– EC3 defeated Shark Boy via One Percenter to retain. Shark Boy got slightly more offense than Norv.
EC3 says that that shark bites. He asked if the fans want one more. Kurt Angle came to the ramp and called this a farce. Since he has been champ, he has been afraid to face real competition. Angle has a contract in hand and says it says he can have his rematch whenever he chooses and he wants it tonight. Angle goes to the back.

The following segment is not for TV:

Off camera, EC3 says that this was the final segment of the show and said that match will happen tomorrow night. He says this has been a big day for him and he has a world title in his hands and has yet to celebrate. He asks who wants to see a party or a dance-a-rookie with the belt. He has Tyrus with him and right there Josh Matthews has a bottle of bubbly. He asks the fans who wants to see it he invites Josh and Pope but Tyrus said Pope cannot come. He invites any of his supporters and friends to come down. He said he is not alone here as both his parents are here and asked them both to get in the ring. He accidentally broke a glass and said mazel too. He picks out the campaign leader at ringside. He trolls the fans and doesn’t invite any of them in the ring. Rockstar Spud comes out. EC3 says you don’t bring beer to a champagne toast. They are high class and only drink high class. Spud said he didn’t want to come to a party without bringing some fine liquor. Spud says he knows the family and introduced Maureen as Dixie’s sister and says hi to EC2. He does not the campaign manager though and asks if it is EC’s weird uncle and they joke about him being on Cops. Spud tries the champagne and spits it out. Spud says he is sure his father is proud of him. Spud congratulates EC2 but informs him of some bad news: they can never have EC3 reproduce again and he kicks EC2 low. EC3′s mom is crying. Josh Mathews slaps Spud and Spud gave Josh a stunner. Tommy Dreamer’s music hits and he comes to the ring. Dreamer laid out EC3′s campaign manager. Tyrus said he is in his wine break and drinks a bit. Spud kissed EC3′s mom and left with Tommy Dreamer.


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