Alberto Del Rio Leaving WWE Once Is Suspension Is Over?


will not be returning to WWE when his 30-day suspension is over. After news broke on Tuesday that Del Rio has been pulled from all future WWE events, our friend Raj Giri from got some new exclusive details regarding his departure.

Alberto Del Rio’s lawyer actually informed WWE two months ago that he was opting out of his contract. Del Rio was reportedly frustrated with a string of empty promises from WWE management since his return to the company last year.

The former WWE Champion had a rocky run since his surprise return at Hell in a Cell last October. After a big United States Championship win over John Cena his first night back, Del Rio floundered with Zeb Colter as part of the MexAmerica gimmick. He’d later be part of the short-lived League of Nations stable, often looking highly disinterested on television. His romantic relationship with Paige also didn’t do him any favors.

Del Rio will be free to work anywhere by the end of September. We’ve already heard he’s taking bookings overseas and will be wrestling for WCPW in the UK this fall, probably the November show.


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