Is WWE Buying TNA Tape Library?


As previously reported, Dixie Carter held a backstage meeting this week at the Impact television tapings. The feeling going around the locker room is that, while Dixie addressed the situation head-on, nothing has been resolved.

We noted earlier that Billy Corgan was at the meeting, though he didn’t speak. We’ve recently learned that Corgan was in fact not at the meeting, and reportedly declined the invitation to attend. According to PWInsider, many talents have faith in Corgan and respect him as a straight-shooter. His absence from the meeting is said to have sent a message to everyone that the end could be near. There was real concern that Dixie was going to sell the company. She told talents at the meeting that she would not let the sale happen, especially to WWE, and also said there was no real chance of Bound For Glory not happening but multiple sources say otherwise..

There are rumors going around today saying WWE is purchasing the TNA tape library and that Corgan will be re-branding TNA as a new company. WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross said that he heard a similar story from a reliable source but reiterated that this is just a rumor. While WWE has been in talks to purchase the library, this scenario seems unlikely as WWE wasn’t interested in making a deal without non-competes for Dixie and Corgan. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter elaborated with this recent tweet


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