Are WWE Putting The Smackdown Live Tag Team Titles On Randy Orton And Bray Wyatt


There is a good chance that we may see the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship titles around the waists of Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt.

It’s being said that WWE had a change of plans recently and there is now talk of putting the titles around Orton and Wyatt. This is the reason why the company didn’t reward to tag team title match to the American Alpha on this past week’s episode of SmackDown Live. Instead, WWE announced that at next week’s SmackDown, the American Alpha will compete against Orton and Wyatt, with the winner getting a future title shot at the TLC event against Heath Slater and Rhyno.

While both Slater and Rhyno are both over as babyfaces in the company, the belief is that they are still a comedy act and aren’t taking very seriously. If the company were to put the titles on Orton and Wyatt, the titles would be much more prestigious.



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