Big Update On Samoa Joe’s Main Roster Call Up


As noted, Samoa Joe dropped the NXT Title to Shinsuke Nakamura at the WWE NXT Live Event in Osaka, Japan last weekend, which has now led to speculation that Joe could finally be making his main roster debut anytime now.

It has been rumored for the past six months that once Joe ends his feud with Nakamura, that he would be headed to the main roster. WWE held it’s NXT tapings back on last week, which cover NXT television for the next three weeks. Joe was absent at this event, and the company held a series of matches to determine a new number one contender for the NXT Title.

With Bobby Roode slated to face Nakamura at the next NXT Takeover special, one would believe that Joe’s feud with Nakamura is finally over and it’s time for him to come to the main roster.

We have now been told that Joe will be making his main roster debut, with The  Royal Rumble being at the arrival date as the latest. So, it’s very possible that we could see Joe on the main roster before The Rumble event. As of this writing, it is unknown exactly what brand he may end up on.


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