Is Impact Wrestling In Cost Cutting Mode And Hardys And Drew Galloway Have Not Signed New Deals Yet


Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, and Drew Galloway have yet to sign new deals with Impact Wrestling so these next few weeks will be very interesting especially with tapings coming up in early March. The Hardys have had free reign to come up with their own stuff for their storylines and that is not something they would get if they signed with WWE. However, they are making good money and if Anthem is looking at cutting costs then that might be a deal breaker for Matt and Jeff.

There is apprehension among a lot of the top talent in TNA about the recent changes with management because Anthem is looking to cut costs. Quite frankly, they have to be careful on how they spend their money because the brand is not making significant money and they are still on a barter TV deal. The low ratings are not doing them any favors and I don’t see how they could make money on house shows right now. As of yet, they have not announced any house shows for 2017.

Impact Wrestling is not necessarily on a hiring freeze but the idea is to cut talent pay and only go after a free agent if it’s a unique circumstance. We will know what the new creative direction is for the company at the next set of tapings.


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