Are The Broken Hardys Going To Appear At WM33?


According to Dave Meltzer of, The Hardys are expected to be starting back in WWE soon.

Meltzer has noted that the Hardys can contractually debut as soon as Wrestlemania. While it’s unknown which brand they will appear on, the RAW tag team titles match being a ladder match at Wrestlemania has fueled speculation about the duo making an appearance as part of the RAW brand. The Hardys will be part of a WWN tailgate party in Orlando the morning of Wrestlemania so they will be in the area hours before the PPV.

At this point, it’s still unknown where things stand with the legal aspects of the “Broken Hardy” gimmick. Matt continues to claim ownership and WWE has made references to the gimmick on social media. At this time, the Hardys are not expected to be doing the gimmick for Ring of Honor’s iPPV show the night before Wrestlemania.


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