Impact Wrestling Spoilers From Last Nights Tapings


The Free JB Chants have already begun as Josh & Pope are at the announce table. Josh says he’s trying to work & we all need to respect that he’s working.

Andrew Everett pinned Dezmond Xavier after a Spike Hurricanrana in a four-way. Also in the match were Caleb Konley & Matt Sydal.

Eddie Edwards is on crutches from the attack the previous night.

Alisha(w/ Eddie Edwards) defeated Angelina Love by DQ when Stiffler caught her using the chain on Alisha. Davey then attacked Eddie with his crutch & both Eddie & Alisha were left laying. One security carried Alisha to the back & two others helped Eddie to the back.

Impact will be taped from Mumbai India in June.

The following matches will air two weeks from this Thursday…

First Round Up Next For Vacant GFW Tag Team Championship. GFW Tag Title Tournament Round One- LAX defeated Garza Jr. & Laredo Kid when Kid was pinned after the Street Sweeper.

Magnus vs Patron for the GFW World Title. Alberto El Patron forced GFW World Champion Magnus to submit to the Rompe Destinos to win the title. After the match, he said he left that other place because he was miserable & was looking for home. Impact Wrestling, this is my house.

It appears a funeral of sorts is being set up for Decay. This is LAX disrespecting Decay. One clown in a coma & the other guy eating out of a feeding tube. EYFBO showcasing true Team Pazuzu tonight with their paint. Someone is waving a flag in the crowd. Konnan is daring him to keep doing it. This is leading to Veterans of War as the next challengers. (photo below)

Magnus comes out selling the arm to join Josh & Pope on commentary. Magnus tried to stop EC3 from cheating & he was escorted to the back by Bruce Pritchard & Refs. Stifler took the strap away, EC3 decked him & strapped Stiffler while the Hebners watched at ringside. Magnus came back out & pulled Storm out of the ring sending him into the ring steps. Prichard comes back out getting in between EC3 & Magnus. Announcing EC3 VS. James Storm VS. Magnus Next Week. EC3 slammed Prichard’s head into the mat & left the ring as Pat Kenney, security & refs helped Bruce to the back. Al Snow even came out to help out Kenney who was decked as well by EC3 before he left. Kenney & Prichard were then helped to the back.

JB’s Big Announcement is that he hired an attorney & as of right now he’s been reinstated to Impact & that is effective immediately. It’s Joseph Park. Josh doesn’t need the fans, he has a family to go home to. He called Park disgusting & says you’re Abyss. Park calls Josh an A-Hole(not censored). Josh wants to know what he wants. Park wants to fight Josh. JB wants to too. Joseph Park & JB VS. Josh Mathews & A Partner at Slammiversary. Josh leaves in a huff to find a partner. JB & Park hug.

X Division Champion Low-Ki defeated Andrew Everett & Trevor Lee in an Ultimate X Main Event.


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