Impact Wrestling Spoilers From Last Nights TV Tapings



* Jeremy Borash announces that Josh Mathews will not be here tonight

* Bruce Prichard has hired Tyrus for security after what Ethan Carter III did last week. World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley is out to talk about tonight’s triple threat, leading to James Storm, EC3 and Magnus all coming out. Bruce makes tonight’s match No DQ

* KM and Kongo Kong defeated Mahabali Shera and Braxton Sutter. After, Sienna and Laurel double team Allie until Rosemary makes the save and spits green mist at them. She points at Allie and leaves

* GFW Tag Team Tournament match: Veterans of War defeated Baraka and Fallah Bah

* Josh Mathews comes out and calls JB to the ring. He apologizes for some of his actions and offers a handshake but Joseph Park advises JB not to. This leads to Park demanding to know who Josh’s partner is. Park says they don’t have to wait for Slammiversary, he will beat Josh now. Josh calls for a referee but before the match can begin the music interrupts and out comes Scott Steiner. He lays Park out and Mathews confirms they will team at Slammiversary

* Alicia and Eddie Edwards defeated Davey Richards and Angelina Love. Alicia gets attacked and put through a table after the match while Davey holds Eddie and makes him watch

* EC3 defeated James Storm and Magnus to become the new #1 contender to Lashley

* Impact Grand Champion Moose retained over Eli Drake with Chris Adonis. The judges were Bruce, Scott D’Amore and Dutch Mantel

* Allie defeated Amber Devine

* The Orange Blossom Quartet is introduced to do a bad rendition of EC3’s theme. He’s out to celebrate. Alberto El Patron also comes out and they do a bad rendition of his theme. Karen Jarrett and Bruce announce EC3 vs. Patron for the GFW Title inside a 6 Sides of Steel match. The winner will face Lashley at Slammiversary for the Impact World Heavyweight Title

* Impact Tag Team Champions The LAX defeated Veterans of War in the finals of the GFW Tag Team Title tournament, making them dual champions

* Low Ki retained the X Division Title over Sonjay Dutt and Andrew Everett in a Triple Threat

* Alberto El Patron defeated EC3 in a Six Sides of Steel match to earn the shot against Lashley at Slammiversary


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