Spoilers For Tonights WWE NXT Show


C9z4Rg_VwAEZOZs.jpg large

* Ember Moon defeated Ruby Riot. Really good match. Crowd is split. Series of near falls to start ending with the standoff and a handshake. Cool spot where Ember had Ruby in a modified torture rack over her legs, but Ruby flipped off her legs into a pin attempt. Ruby with a seated senton off the top rope for a near fall. Ruby hits a forearm on Ember as she’s up top for the Eclipse, then hits a top rope frankensteiner for another near fall. Ember nails a dropkick, then her cartwheel flip into a forearm, and the Eclipse to pick up the win. As Ember goes up the ramp, she mouths “I’m ready for Asuka” to the camera

* Drew McIntyre defeated Killian Dain to become #1 contender for the NXT Title. Killian gets busted open from the nose early on. Good back and forth match. McIntyre hits an awesome powerbomb on Killian for a near fall. Dain hits a running senton and a mid-rope splash for 2. Drew hits the Future Shock DDT but Dain kicks out at 1. McIntyre nails the running boot, but Dain leans up, so Drew nails it again while Dain is on his knees for the pin


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