Spoilers For Tonights WWE NXT Show

C9z4Rg_VwAEZOZs.jpg large

* Nikki Cross interrupts the NXT chant and calls out NXT Tag Team Champions The Authors of Pain. SAnitY joins her. As the AoP head down, Eric Young jumps Rezar and slams him into the rail at rampside. He zip ties Rezar to the rail and SAnitY does a 3-on-1 beatdown on Akam. Rezar breaks the railing free and comes to the ring dragging the rail with him, but SAnitY just destroy him

* NXT GM William Regal out for a contract signing. Regal introduces Ember Moon and Asuka. Ember says Asuka’s had an incredible run and has beaten the best, even surpassing Goldberg. Crowd breaks into an Asuka chant in the cadence of the Goldberg chant. Ember says she’s only taken shortcuts with one person in her reign, and that person was Ember. Ember says she’s better than she’s ever been because of Asuka and at Brooklyn, she’s going to end the reign of Asuka and be the next NXT Women’s Champion. Asuka signs with no comment. Regal makes the match official. Asuka then starts ranting at Ember in Japanese, with one line roughly translating to Asuka saying she would put Ember in the hospital. Asuka and Ember stare down to end the segment

* The Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) defeated The Metro Brothers (Chris & JC) in a quick squash to get the Profits over. Montez Ford hits a frog splash for the win

* Andrade “Cien” Almas (w/Thea Trinidad) defeated No Way Jose. Thea was introduced with a new name but I didn’t catch it. Okay match. The story was anytime Andrade tried to play around, Thea berated him to be serious. Andrade went for a cover after the double knees in the corner, but Thea yelled for him to finish Jose, so Andrade picked him up and hit El Idolo for the pin. Post match, Thea goes to the announce table and grabs a mic. She says he deserves the spotlight, the biggest spotlight he can have. So if the “NXT Universe’s golden boy” Johnny Gargano is looking for an opponent for Brooklyn, he’s got one

* NXT General Manager William Regal is out to introduce Drew McIntyre & NXT Champion Bobby Roode for a face-to-face. Roode comes out with security, saying there’s a madman named Roderick Strong running around so they’re here to protect the big money match at Brooklyn. He welcomes Drew back and says that yes, he is entitled, because he doesn’t need a second chance like Drew. Whether Drew likes it or not, this is Bobby’s NXT, it’s not a “we” it’s a “me.” Drew says he’s making good points, but he’s a complete ass who actually believes everything that comes out of his mouth. Drew says at Brooklyn he’s taking the belt

Roderick Strong comes out. Regal warns him. Roddy says he respects everything Regal said, but this isn’t about a title anymore, it’s about Bobby disrespecting his fiancé, and he just wants a fight. Bobby says he’ll fight him anywhere and even put the belt on the line, he just has to go through Drew first. Regal hesitates, then Drew says make the match. Bobby sarcastically goes on a rant about its all “We are NXT” and everyone wants the match, and implores Regal to do the right thing. Regal makes the match for next week, Drew vs Roddy, and the winner will get Roode. But no matter what, at Brooklyn, it will be Drew vs Roode for the NXT Title


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