Spoilers For Tonights WWE 205 Live Show


WWE 205 Live spoilers from Manchester, England. These will air tonight on the WWE Network.

* WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore opens the show, throwing insults at Manchester. He blames the RAW loss to WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne on Kalisto and Kurt Angle. He welcomes us to The Zo Show and introduces his guests – Mark Andrews, Tucker, Jordan Devlin, James Drake, Tyler Bate and Joseph Conners. Bate ends up dropping Enzo to a big pop. Kalisto comes out to greet the UK stars and get ready for the first match

* Bate vs. Enzo is announced for later

* Jack Gallagher comes out for a hometown pop but he turns on the crowd

* Kalisto defeated Jack Gallagher with Salida del Sol

* Backstage segment with Enzo Amore and Charly Caruso. Enzo rants on Tyler Bate hitting him with a cheap shot earlier

* Mark Andrews and Cedric Alexander defeated Joseph Conners and James Drake in a great match. Mandrews hit the Shooting Star Press on Drake for the pin

* WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore defeated Tyler Bate in a non-title match. Not much to write home about but this was a good match. Enzo won with the JawdonZo. After the match, Enzo attacked Bate but Kalisto made the save


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