Spoilers From Last Nights Impact Wrestling TV Tapings



* Rohit Raju defeated unknown wrestler

Impact Wrestling:

* El Hijo del Fantasma defeated Braxton Sutter. Post-match, Sutter cuts a heel promo and isn’t out here with Allie because she ruins lives. Says he’s the biggest star in the company, Brian Cage comes out and destroys Sutter.

* Rosemary defeated Hania. Post-match, Rosemary says she wants the Knockouts Championship, Taya Valkyrie comes out to confront Rosemary and lays her out on the ramp.

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Update 9: Taya is out to confront Rosemary.

* KM in the ring, says he’s an ordained minister and is going to marry Laurel Van Ness to the Knockouts Championship. Sutter comes out and objects, saying he made the biggest mistake of his life a year ago and proposes to Laurel. She says no. Allie comes out and beats up Laurel.

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Update 14: Sutter proposes that he, LVN, and the title spend their lives together. LVN says no. KM says “Epic fail, bro!”

* Kongo Kong and Jimmy Jacobs talk with Joseph Park, and they call for Abyss to return. Out comes Grandma Jenny Park to tell Jacobs to stop mistreating Joseph. Joseph says Abyss is never coming back, but apparently Kongo destroyed Chandler Park and Grandma Jenny could be next. Kongo attacked Joseph.

* Taping for Impact Crossroads starts.

* LAX defeated Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley to retain the Impact World Tag Team Championship

* Impact Grand Champion Matt Sydal defeated X Division Champion Taiji Ishimori, whoever won this match would take both titles.

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Update 24: Sydal wins the X division Title. Another really good match.

* Allie defeated Laurel Van Ness to win the Knockouts Championship


* Brian Cage and Lashley defeated oVe

* Kongo Kong defeated Joseph Park

* Austin Aries defeated Johnny Impact to retain the Impact Global Championship. Post-match, Alberto El Patron stands on the ramp and claps in a disingenuous way for Johnny and Aries.

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Update 34: Aries over Johnny Impact in a pretty epic match. Alberto comes out and claps in a disingenuous way on the ramp.


* KM defeated Sugar Dunkerton

* Sienna defeated Kiera Hogan

* Eli Drake defeated Fallah Bahh


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