Viewership For This Weeks WWE Monday Night Raw Show


Monday’s WWE RAW, featuring RAW Tag Team Champion Seth Rollins defeating Finn Balor in the main event, drew 3.250 million viewers. This is up 17.5% from last week’s 2.766 million viewers.

This is the first time RAW has hit 3 million viewers since the November 20th episode after Survivor Series, which drew 3.074. This is the best number since the post-SummerSlam episode on August 28th, which drew 3.304 million viewers. It is also the first time that they haven’t faced competition from football during that period.

For this week’s show, the first hour drew 3.573 million viewers, the second hour drew 3.363 million viewers and the final hour drew 2.814 million viewers, a 21% drop from hour one.

RAW was #3 for the night in viewership, behind the NBA on TBS and Hannity. RAW was #2 in the 18-49 demographic, behind the NBA.

Below is our 2018 RAW Viewership Tracker:

January 1st Episode: 2.865 million viewers

January 8th Episode: 2.766 million viewers

January 15th Episode: 3.250 million viewers

January 22nd Episode:

2017 Total: 156.971 million viewers

2017 Average: 3.018 million viewers per episode

Source: ShowBuzz Daily


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