Spoilers For Tonights WWE NXT Show

C9z4Rg_VwAEZOZs.jpg large

* The Velveteen Dream defeated No Way Jose. Jose dominates most of the match as Dream takes some hard bumps (such as flying over the top rope and landing on his face). Jose goes for the Pop-Up Punch but Dream hits a dropkick, the rolling DVD, and the Purple Rainmaker for the win. After the match, Velveteen declares himself the winner of the Male Competitor, Overall Competitor, and Match of the Year awards. He says nobody cares about Aleister, Asuka, or Tyler Bate, everyone is talking about Dream and if you can’t see that, he doesn’t have time for you

* Nikki Cross defeated Vanessa Borne. Vanessa gets some offense at the start and a series of 2 counts, but Nikki eventually takes control and hits the swinging fisherman’s neckbreaker for the win

* The Forgotten Sons (Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake) defeated two unnamed enhancement talents. This was a total squash. They beat up one one of the jobbers the entire match after taking out his partner. They pick up the win when Cutler hits a top rope stomp while Murphy had the opponent in an inverted DDT position. After the match, they cut a promo saying they’ve been cast out and are what society has made them. They are bringing something nobody has seen, and it starts at the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

* NXT Champion Andrade “Cien” Almas (w/ Zelina Vega) defeated Johnny Gargano (w/ Candice LeRae) to retain. This was another incredible match from these two. Gargano with a hot start. He goes for a suicide dive, but Zelina stops him. Candice gets in the ring and hits a suicide dive on Zelina. Gargano hits a cannonball off the apron to Andrade while Zelina & Candice fight to the back. Andrade takes control and goes after Johnny’s arm. Johnny with a hurricanrana and hits the middle rope spear. Andrade lifts Johnny with one arm and hits a buckle bomb and the double knees to the face, but only gets 2. Johnny fights off the El Idolo but gets thrown into the post. Johnny hits a superkick on the apron and they trade punches. Johnny goes for the spear, but Andrade ducks it and locks on an armbar, and then the GargaNo Escape. Johnny reverses into a pin but Andrade kicks out. Andrade flips Johnny into the buckles with a brutal spot and hits the knees to the back of his head, but Johnny kicks out. Andrade sets up for the top rope El Idolo, but Johnny fights out. Johnny slides out of a double stomp on the tree of woe and tosses Andrade out of the ring, hits a tope into a DDT, and the springboard DDT, but only gets two. They trade shots, Johnny ducks a forearm and Andrade hits the referee. Gargano locks in the GargaNo Escape, but Tommaso Ciampa comes out of the crowd and hits Johnny with his crutch. Andrade hits El Idolo and the ref recovers to count the pin

After the match, Johnny gets a standing ovation. Candice joins him in the ring and they announce per the stipulations, Johnny must leave NXT. Johnny is met by NXT General Manager William Regal, who hugs him and raises his arm. Ciampa appears in the crowd across the way and laughs while waving goodbye. Johnny says we’re not ending this on sad note, hits his music and goes into the crowd to thank the fans


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