Viewership Numbers For Last Nights WWE Monday Night Raw Show

DVE2F_kVMAE3EsZ.jpg large

Monday’s WWE RAW, featuring The Ultimate Deletion between Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt as the main event, drew 3.327 million viewers. This is down slightly from last week’s 3.352 million viewers, which was the best viewership since the post-Royal Rumble episode in late January. This week’s show featured an appearance by WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss vs. Asuka advertised ahead of time.

For this week’s show, the first hour drew 3.434 million viewers (last week’s hour 1 – 3.351 million), the second hour drew 3.472 million viewers (last week’s hour 2 – 3.429 million) and the final hour drew 3.076 million viewers (last week’s hour 3 – 3.275 million), a 10% drop from the first hour.

RAW was #1 for the night in viewership this week, for the second week in a row. RAW was also #1 for the night in the 18-49 demographic, for the seventh week in a row.

Below is our 2018 RAW Viewership Tracker:

January 1st Episode: 2.865 million viewers
January 8th Episode: 2.766 million viewers
January 15th Episode: 3.250 million viewers
January 22nd Episode: 4.530 million viewers (RAW 25)
January 29th Episode: 3.395 million viewers (Post-Royal Rumble episode)
February 5th Episode: 3.055 million viewers
February 12th Episode: 3.105 million viewers
February 19th Episode: 3.282 million viewers
February 26th Episode: 3.180 million viewers
March 5th Episode: 3.099 million viewers
March 12th Episode: 3.352 million viewers
March 19th Episode: 3.327 million viewers
March 26th Episode:

2017 Total: 156.971 million viewers
2017 Average: 3.018 million viewers per episode

Source: ShowBuzz Daily


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