List Of Pro Wrestlers That Have Passed Away

All of these wrestlers, managers, or associates of wrestling will never be forgotten.  This list is is chronological order .  The list features only the most famous wrestlers that have wrestled across the United States

Frank Gotch (39)–December 16, 1917–Uremic Poisoning
Ed “The Strangler” Louis (76)–August 7, 1966–Died of Natural Causes
Stanislaus Zbyszko (88) –September 23, 1967–Natural Causes
Dory Funk, Sr.: June 3, 1973–Died in his home.
Bobby Shane (Bob Schoenberger)–February 20, 1975–Died when the private airplane he was piloting crashed near Tampa, FL; he was 40.  Injured in the crash were wrestlers Buddy Colt, Austin Idol and Playboy Gary Hart.
Chris Taylor–June 30, 1979–Died of heart failure after a long period of declining health.
Edward “Bearcat” Wright–August 28, 1982–Died from sickle cell anemia
David Von Erich–February 2, 1984–Died of enteritis (acute inflammation of the intestine)
Vince McMahon, Sr.: May 27, 1984–Died from Cancer.
Adrian Adonis: July 4, 1988–Died when a mini van drove off a cliff into a lake.
Bruiser Brody–July 17, 1988–Stabbed to death in a locker room fight with another wrestler.
Haystacks Calhoun: December 7, 1989–Complications from diabetes.
Dick the Bruiser–November 10, 1991–Died of internal bleeding after rupturing a blood vessel while weight lifting.
Buzz Sawyer–February 7, 1992–Died of a drug overdose.
Andre The Giant: January 27, 1993–Died of a heart attack.
Texas Tornado Kerry Von Erich: February 18, 1993–Committed suicide.
Dino Bravo: March 11, 1993–Died of gunshot wounds in his living room.
Joey Marella (WWF Referee/Gorilla Monsoon’s Son): July 4, 1994–Died in motorcycle accident.
Jerry “Crusher” Blackwell–January 22, 1995–Died of complications from injuries sustained in a road accident.
Big John Studd: March 20, 1995–Died of liver cancer.
Ray Stevens–May 3, 1996–Died of heart failure.
Dick Murdoch–June 14, 1996–Died of heart failure.
Sapphire: September 10, 1996–Died from a heart attack.
Dr. Bill Miller–March 24, 1997–Died of heart failure.
Stan Stasiak: June 12, 1997–Died from heart failure.
Dick “Bulldog” Brower–September 15, 1997–Died of heart failure.
Brian Pillman: October 5, 1997–Died from arteriosclerotic heart disease.
Bobo Brazil: January 20, 1998–Died from complications from a stroke.
Louie Spicolli: February 15, 1998–Died from arteriosclerotic heart disease caused by hypertrophic cardiomyopathy syndrome.
Junk Yard Dog: June 2, 1998–Died in a car accident after falling asleep at the wheel.
Sky Low Low [famous midget wrestler]: November 9, 1998–heart failure.
Shohei “Giant” Baba: January 31, 1999–Died of colon cancer.
Rick Williams [Renegade in WCW]: February 23, 1999–Died from suicide.
Ravishing Rick Rude: April 20, 1999–Died from heart attack.
Owen Hart: May 23, 1999–Died from 50 foot fall from ceiling to ring.
Brian Hildebrand (WCW Referee Mark Curtis) (37)–September 8, 1999–Died after a two year battle with stomach cancer.
Gorilla Monsoon  (62)–October 5, 1999–Died from a heart attack.
Bobby Duncum, Jr (34)–January 24, 2000–Drug overdose.
Gordon Solie (71)July 27, 2000–Died from cancer.
Toru Tanaka (70)–August 22, 2000–Died from a heart attack.
Yokozuna (34)–October 22, 2000–Died from a heart attack.
Johnny Valentine (72)–April 24, 2001–Natural Causes.
Tex McKenzie –May 31, 2001–Died of an aortic aneurysm.
Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy (40)–July 16, 2001–Blood clot in the heart.
Rhonda Singh (40) –August 2, 2001–Drug Overdose which caused a Heart Attack
Blaise Alexander (WCW race car driver) (25) –October 4, 2001–Complications from a head injury received in a car race.
“Gentleman” Chris Adams (46)–October 7, 2001–Shot to death.
Helen Hart–November 4, 2001–Complications from a seizure.
Russ Haas (27)–December 15, 2001–Heart Attack.
Wahoo McDaniels (63)–April 18, 2002–Died from complications from renal failure and diabetes.
Lou Thesz (86)–April 28, 2002–Died from natural causes after heart surgery earlier in the year.
Randy Anderson (42)–May 5, 2002–Cancer
Big Dick Dudley (36)–May 16, 2002–Kidney failure
“The British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith (39) –May 18, 2002–Died from a heart attack.
Rocco Rock of Public Enemy (49)–September 21, 2002–Heart Attack.
“Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig (44)–February 10, 2003–acute cocaine intoxication.
Miss Elizabeth (42)–May 1, 2003–Died from a combination of alcohol and painkillers.
“Classy” Freddie Blassie ((85)–June 2, 2003–Unknown
Stu Hart (88)–October 16, 2003–Natural Causes
Hawk [Michael Hegstrand] (46)– October 19, 2003–Heart Attack
Crash Holly (32)–November 6, 2003–Drug overdose
Larry “Moondog Spot” Booker (51)–November 29, 2003–Collapsed in the ring
Malice/The Wall [Jerry Tuite] (37)–December 6, 2003–acute heart attack
Jack Tunney (69)–January 24, 2004–Heart attack
Hercules “Hernandez” (46)–March 6, 2004–Died in his sleep.
James Dudley (93)– June 1, 2004–Died of natural causes.
Ray “Big Bossman” Traylor (41)–September 22, 2004–Heart failure.
Chris Candido (33)–April 28, 2005–Blood clot and complications due to surgery.
Lord Alfred Hayes (76)–July 21, 2005–Complications from a series of strokes.
Moondog King [Ed “Sailor” White (56)]–August 26, 2005–Complications from car accident
Eddie Guerrero (37)–November 13, 2005–Enlarged heart due to years of drug use.
Johnny Grunge of Public Enemy (39)–February 16, 2006–Complications from sleep apnea.
John Tenta [Earthquake]  (42)–June 7, 2006–bladder cancer.
Bam Bam Bigelow [Scott Bigelow] (45)–January 19, 2007–Drugs.
Mike Awesome (42)–February 17, 2007–Apparent Suicide.
Bad News Brown (63)–March 6, 2007–Heart Attack
“Big Cat” Ernie Ladd (68)–March 10, 2007–Cancer
“Sensational” Sherri (Martel) (49)–June 15, 2007–Accidental overdose.
Nancy “Women” (Sullivan) Benoit (43)–June 25, 2007–Strangulation. Died at home with Chris Benoit and their son Daniel (Suffocation).
Chris Benoit (40)–June 25, 2007–Suicide by hanging
Brian “Crush” Adams (43)–August 13, 2007–Overdose of prescription medications.
The Missing Link (Dewey Robertson) (68)–August 16, 2007–Died from cancer
Fabulous Moolah (Lillian Ellison) (84)–November 3, 2007–Complications due to surgery.
Gary Hart (66) March 16, 2008– Heart Attack
Walter “Killer” Kowalski (81) August 30, 2008–Complications from heart attack
S.D. Jones (63) October 26, 2008– Stroke
Andrew “Test” Martin (33) March 13, 2009–accidental overdose of Oxycodone.
“Playboy” Buddy Rose (56) April 28, 2009–natural causes
Capt Lou Albano (76) October 14, 2009–natural causes
Umaga (36) December 4, 2009–Heart Attack
Dr. Death Steve Williams (49) December 29, 2009–throat cancer.
Ludvig Borga (47) January 10, 2010–suicide.
Chris “Kanyon” Klucsaritis (40) April 3, 2010–apparent suicide
Lance Cade (29) August 13, 2010–Apparent Heart Failure.
General Skandor Akbar (75)–unknown
Luna Vachon (48) August 27, 2010–Unknown.
Bastian Booger (53) September 12, 2010–Heart Attack.
Giant Gonzales (44) September 22, 2010–Kidney Failure
Randy “Macho Man” Savage (58) May 20, 2011–Car accident caused by a heart attack.
Doug Furnas (50) March 2, 2012–heart disease.
Brad Armstrong (51) November 1, 2012–Unknown


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